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General Forum Guidelines
Welcome to the Collective Consciousness; Life Unified's community forum!

This website is dedicated to the synthesis of ideas on life, love, spirituality and personal growth. Through this concept we as a collective create a better understanding of the universe we live in. All beliefs are welcome!
This forum is a safe place to share with one another openly and with positivity. To communicate experiences, thoughts and ideas; and share messages, advice and recommendations for uplifting music, videos and books. Feel free to contribute whatever your hearts desire, as long is it is always 100% positive.
Threads and posting will be removed if any of the following occur:
Negativity of any kind
Foul language
Inappropriate comments or images – This is a family site and a place to share LOVE and positivity.
Arguing – Everyone is free to share their own ideas on any subject. We encourage that. However, if a member continues to share their same point over and over again in an effort to change the minds of others or attempts to rebut another’s point of view, this will not be tolerated. We gather in this amazing place to find points of merit in ALL ideas across a broad spectrum of human perspectives.  We are here to come together even in our differences, to synthesize NOT sway.

Also, I am still developing the forum outline and you may temporally see ? boxes where images should be. All will come together; soon.
Thank you in advance for your adherence to the rules and for sharing your light and LOVE.
Many blessings.
 Life Unified

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