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characteristics that work well for me in
Putting together a list of top running shoes can be a challenge. Each year I run in a lot of great shoes, but few are 100% perfect. Furthermore, a shoe that I didn’t like might be an ideal shoe for someone else, and a shoe that I loved might have been a bust for someone with a different stride, smaller/larger feet, etc. So what I do is simply pick the shoes that worked best for me among the many that I have tried during the year.
This year I thought it might be helpful to put my list into context by explaining at the outset the general characteristics that work well for me in running Nike Air Max TN Dames shoes. I’m not going to break my list up into categories this year since I didn’t try many trail shoes, so I’ll address my Nike Air Max 95 Femme preferences for training shoes, racing flats, and trail at the outset.
My Preferred Characteristics in Running Shoes
1. First of all, I’ll point out that my feet are of average width (I always by D width shoes), but are fairly high volume (thick from top to bottom). As such, certain shoes can present depth problems in the forefoot (e.g., Nike Free 5.0). I generally like shoes that don’t constrict my toes or squish them together, and that allow a bit of vertical volume for my forefoot.
2. For slower or longer miles I prefer shoes that have a softish heel and a firmer forefoot. I am a light heel striker who loads mostly from midfoot forward. Adidas ZX 700 Damen A hard heel above a certain stack height (not sure exactly what it Adidas NMD Herren is) can torque my ankle a bit and makes for a harsher ride (e.g., original Mizuno Sayonara). Nike Air Max 2017 Heren I don’t like too much squish in the forefoot as it makes me fell like I have to work too hard (e.g., Hoka Clifton, Skechers GoRun Ultra). I’ve become more tolerant of shoes varying in heel-forefoot drop, but generally prefer less than 8mm offset.
3. For racing flats and speed workouts I like shoes that are lightweight, low stack height, low drop, and firm. I also like a bit of extra stiffness to make a flat more responsive.
4. I don’t run trails too often, and those that I do run tend not to be very technical. I generally like a trail shoe that can handle mixed road and trail routes, and big lugs aren’t necessary for most of what I run. I also tend to use trail shoes often in Adidas ZX 750 Mujer the winter when conditions warrant (e.g., crusty ice and snow), Nike Air Max 90 Dames Zwart so grip is helpful. I like a firmish midsole on trails, but not so firm that a shoe feels harsh on stretches of road.

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