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How do you reduce the fiber packing on the pressing roll in a paper-making process?
A tile rated for the application you have in mind will work whether the manufacturer chooses to call it porcelain or not. Buy the just grade you need. Don't buy a better grade unless it's on sale. There is no practical difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles. Vitrified means glass has formed in the ceramic and really all ceramics are vitrified to some degree so it is not really a good term. "Fully Vitrfied" or porcelain tiles would have a water absorption rate of <0.5% and are therfore impervious without the need for glaze. Tiles with higher water absorption rates (say <6.0%) are at times refered to as "Vitrified" they would most likely be glazed and be designed for use on floors.
Ceramic Fiber Paper



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